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Cryptographic roots in Blockchain technology

The Blockchain is expected to be the revolutionary technology to take the centre stage in our society where the traditional ledger system once dominates, from bitcoin that emerged in the finance sector to fields where transactions are dependent on authenticity, be it a paper document from bank, an import / export data exchange, or even documents in judicial systems, it is important to understand the principles of its fundamental roots in cryptography.

For example, to ensure the rightful spending of currency in bitcoins, there are a lot of technology being in place on the virtual money market. One being the Elliptic Curve Cryptography that is based on mathematics to ensure the identity of parties involved in any bitcoin transactions.


Adjusting graph settings for discrete variable for TI Nspire and HP Prime

On the TI Nspire, plotting of graph with discrete values sometimes do not easily give desired results. Consider plotting


Using 2D graph, Nspire will actually plot the graph but is seemingly having problems connecting the points. Not only after the integer function is added into the equation, the graph can be visualized properly. Experimenting with the Trace function below, the red trace disappears on real X values between two discrete integers, confirming the plot is there but the engine is having problem connecting.


In contrast, the HP Prime provided an Integer view of graph for this case.


Simplex Algorithm on the Casio 9860GII

With matrix capable calculator, simplex algorithm for common maximization problem can be solved easily like in the TI-84.

The Casio 9860GII is also equipped with equivalent matrix operations to solve the same problem.