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BeMicro SDK with Quartus 18.1 Lite

With a new laptop there are tons of software to install for getting back my development environment in the old machine. One of these is the Quartus Prime from Intel for toying with an old BeMicroSDK. Quartus is the IDE for Altera FPGA. BeMciroSDK is a development kit from Altera well before the fabless company acquired by Intel in 2015.  It sports an EP4CE22 Cyclone IV with 22K LE.

The latest version of Quartus Pro is 19.1, but it no longer supports the Cyclone IV family and have to settle for the Standard  or Lite edition. The software download is available here.

The installation is smooth on Windows 10 Pro. After the installation, I plugged in the FPGA stick into the USB port, and no lights turn on. Started the Prime Programmer to check and it does not detect any device. Then I opened the device manager and saw that USB Blaster is not installed.

Simply click Update driver button and browse to the installation of Quartus to complete the driver installation (Online driver searching does not find anything useful).quartus18-1

Finally the FPGA programming is successful on the new laptop.quartus18-3