Adding a compact OLED display to Arduino Yun

Got my hands on some OLED display boards that are neat and nice in 0.96 inch with 128×64 pixels. Previous versions of it is monochrome. The upgraded version is a clear and crisp display in yellow and blue color. Adding a little display to development boards is always an item on my to do list to replace LED signals deciphering. Due to board space limitations very few development boards come with one.

This OLED display runs in I2C mode. On the Arduino Yun the SDA/SCL pins are next to the RJ45 jacket. Fortunately these pins are aligned to the OLED board in the same order the OLED board will fit “inside” of the Arduino rather than the other way round.

The next problem is to feed the Vcc and GND for power. The space is so tight with the RJ45 jacket, I have to resort to soldering a short pair of power cable and then run it to the power supply pins.

After confirming the OLED display is working properly, it is time to show something on it.

With the Wifi capability of Arduino Yun, there are a lot of information to show. The code below is modified from the Arduino IDE example of WifiStatus. To fit the information on a tiny OLED display, the lua script this example code used is also modified so that all lines fit nicely.

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