Implementing the Nelder-Mead method on the TI Nspire

Implementing the Nelder-Mead method on the Nspire is pretty straight forward. This is after nothing turns up in the search for such library on the Internet. A sample below using the Rosenbrog function as a test target: f(x,y) = (a-x)^2 + b(y-x^2)^2, using a=1 and b=100.


p is the initial parameter set with {10,10}.

nm(“nmfunc”, “p”, p) invoke the Nelder-Mead program, and specify “nmfunc” as the name of the objective function (which defined earlier); “p” as the name of the parameter set; and p the actual parameter.

Results are stored in the resultsmatrix set. 1st element is the function value, 2nd and 3rd are the x,y results respectively.

Took 22 seconds on real Nspire for this test set.

This program also helped determine the parameters for a logistic regression problem on another occasion, where it was not possible using the built-in Nspire logistic regression function since it supports only x-list and y-list but the problem involved 3 variables.

5 thoughts on “Implementing the Nelder-Mead method on the TI Nspire

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